Friday, July 7, 2017

Things That Happened Before They Invented Instagram #3

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I met D.C. on the anniversary of D-Day.  He looks like your average retired gentleman, he speaks clearly and always has a smile.  We chatted for a bit about how his day was going.  I asked him if he remembered anything about WWII?  That is when he told me about some very interesting things that happened before they invented Instagram...  

D C (DOB 1939) who was born in South Africa just at the start of the war.  He said his parents didn't know who would win the war so they gave him two middle names.  One British (James) and one German (Ivan) in case he needed to pass as either nationality as he grew up!

They were on the first boat of civilians to cross the Atlantic near the end of the war before Germany had surrendered.  It was an old troop boat and very rough riding (he thinks he was 6 years old at the time).  His dad did "periscope duty" as part of his passage.  All the men would take a shift watching for U-boat periscopes and the boat would zig-zag all over the ocean.  He and his brother and all the kids on the ship would play with their wooden cars and when the boat would change direction or pitch and roll they would let their cars race.  He said they had the most fun letting the cars race as they tried to make tight turns to avoid U-Boats! (When he smiled at this memory, he looked like a child again, just for a moment).

 I asked him about living in South Africa and he told me that his mother was a Native American born RIGHT HERE in Modesto to a tribe that is part of this area.  Through a series of events, she joined a church that sent her to south Africa to check on the church school and there she met her husband.  

He said it was love at first sight and the two thought they would sneak away from church (they attended on Saturdays) and go on a little romantic row boat ride.  Unbeknownst to them, a newspaper reporter snapped a picture of the handsome couple in the row boat and put them in the paper, much to their chagrin and her father’s anger (he was a “big wig” high up in the church)! But, it didn't matter, they were in love and were married straight away.

D.C. is a man who is filled with faith and was pleased to be able to share his happy examples of a life well lived.  It was so wonderful to meet him.

Everyone has a story to tell.  What's yours?

{All the stories shared in "Things That Happened Before They Invented Instagram" come from the lives of real people that I am privileged to meet each day. They have led exceptional lives and I feel honored to hear the stories that they tell.} 

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