Friday, June 30, 2017

Things That Happened Before They Invented Instagram #2

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Yesterday I spoke with a man who was almost 80, he used a walker, wore thick, "coke-bottle" glasses, and had a sly, mischievous smile that reminded me of L. Tom Perry's.  I asked him if he had always lived in our town?  He had the BEST story for me about the week he moved here from Southern California...and that is when I learned about a few amazing things that happened before they invented Instagram.

McCoy was born in 1938.  He moved with his family to our town two days before the end of WWII. McCoy was  6 years old.

He said they lived out in the country but when they heard that the war was over the whole family piled in their car and drove to town.  He said the streets were filled with cheering, drunk people who were "whooping and hollering."

They parked and got out just in time to see two stark naked women running around the shallow pond he said used to be in-front of the courthouse.  McCoy's mom AND his grandmother tried to grab him and cover his eyes but he "was too quick for them and saw enough to keep him busy for years!"  (I wish you could have seen the happiness and excitement on his face when he told this next part!)

Just then, two police officers in their balloon legged pants, high shiny boots, and wide brimmed hats got in the pond to chase the women!!  Round and round they went, water being kicked up as all four ran! The women were laughing and shouting and the police officers were shouting and shaking their fists as their hats flew off in the chase. McCoy said it was one of the most exciting days of his life!

McCoy also told me that the area that is now occupied by the West Campus Junior College and a few Business Parks used to be an Army Hospital.  Hammond Army Hospital.

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You can learn more about Hammond Army Hospital HERE:

You can learn more about our Courthouse HERE:

Everyone has a story to tell.  What's yours?

{All the stories shared in "Things That Happened Before They Invented Instagram" come from the lives of real people that I am privileged to meet each day. They have led exceptional lives and I feel honored to hear the stories that they tell.} 

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