Monday, June 1, 2015

Monday's Matter FHE: Elder L. Tom Perry

At our house, and millions of others around the globe, Mondays are reserved for family.  A Family Home Evening (FHE) to bring us closer and to help us learn but also for some good ol' fashioned family FUN!

This last week saw the passing of a man whom I have admired for many years.  Not necessarily because he held a high position in our church but mostly because of the way I got to know him over the last 17 years by his sharing of wisdom and experiences at our General Conference meetings.

Tonight for FHE  I thought it would be nice to watch clips about his life and to remember L. Tom Perry... the man, the Elder, the legend!

I am happy to put some real Matter into our Family Home Evening - things that will make us think and grow and learn!

I would like to welcome everyone out to FHE!

{Opening Prayer} Anyone with the the letters L or T or P in their name or maybe I'll call on YOU

{Opening Song}  Do Re Mi (From the Sound of Music - just the chorus if you please)

Doe, a deer, a female deer
Ray, a drop of golden sun
Me, a name I call myself
Far, a long, long way to run
Sew, a needle pulling thread
La, a note to follow Sew
Tea, a drink with jam and bread
That will bring us back to Do (oh-oh-oh)

{Watch/Listen/Learn} Videos about Elder L. Tom Perry and his life:

“As the train started down the tracks, we reached out and just touched their fingers as we left,” he said. “We couldn’t speak; our emotions were too strong. But we were grateful that we could help in some small way.."

Always looking for how he could help in "some small way" Elder Perry led a life of service and faith.

In his own words, Elder L Tom Perry shares a part of his Testimony of Jesus Christ

Elder L. Tom Perry as a missionary with his companion, Elder Perkins, in the Northern States Mission, USA Photo from
"Why Marriage and Family Matter- Everywhere in the World"

Click on the link below to watch a video compilation of Elder L Tom Perry's life from LDS.ORG

{Closing Prayer}  My turn!

{Activity} Double Dutch

This was us a few years ago doing Double Dutch at a balloon festival.

Double Dutch Contest (hopefully we can bribe convince our neighbors with ice cream and brownies so they can help turn the ropes)  and Brownie Sundaes!  All you need are two long jump ropes and a sense of adventure.

{FHE Doesn't Have to be Perfect, It Just Has to BE!}


McEntire Family said...

You are so fabulous!
We picked a different activity - but we used everything else!

Michael and Amber said...

Thank you McEntires! We ended up doing another activity too - Mike played catch with the dog and the neighbor kids raced Bear for the ball. It was fantastic!