Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Adventures in Infertility #90

#90 Seeing the Silver Lining

For the last 10 weeks the hubster and I have been in a musical production.  It took up just about all of our "free time."  During the week we only have a few nights a week where we are both home at the same time.  This schedule has made me feel a little lonely.  As I have reached out to friends and found them, rightly, busy with their own activities, I grew even more lonely.  Then the opportunity to try out for this musical came along.  Miraculously I got a part!  We got parts together, imagine that?!

We played real-life pioneers George Washington Taggert and his wife Fanny Taggert in an original production of "A Stone Rolling Forward."  We (George and Fanny)even had a daughter in the musical! An adorable blonde girl with glasses who was happy and always smiling.  Such a joy to be around.

We were in a couple of different scenes and we had a duet to Savior Redeemer of My Soul.

What an amazing experience!  We met so many fun people and became fast friends with our fellow cast members.

Here are some rehearsal pics, backstage pics and some from the nights of the shows...

During the final dress rehearsal it occurred to me that this opportunity, for both of us to be in this musical at the same time, was partially possible because we did not have young children at home.  The chance to meet and make new friends, might not have come to pass.  Sometimes, although it isn't what we desire, we are blessed to see the silver lining in our adventure through infertility.  And for that I am grateful!

*Laughter is the best medicine right?  Why not laugh at my infertility?!  I do not mean to offend with any of these posts, it is just a way to let go a little and see the humor in our situation. Please laugh with me!

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Sharee and Arthur said...

So cool, you guys! Glad you got to do that together and I LOVE that song! It's one of my favorites!