Monday, September 8, 2014

Monday's Matter: Feast on Fasting FHE

At our home, and millions of others around the globe, Monday nights are reserved for family.  Isn't it wonderful that in all the hustle and bustle you can reserve Monday nights for Family Home Evening (FHE)?

When your friends say, "Hey!  Let's go hang out Monday night"  you can reply that you have a long standing date with your family that night and maybe even invite said friend to join y'all.  Wonderful!

As members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, we set aside one Sunday a month for fasting and prayer.  During this time we voluntarily go without food and water for 2 consecutive meals while prayerfully seeking guidance and direction and we also give a "Fast Offering" that goes directly to help the needy in our congregation and community.  To learn more about the church's world wide humanitarian efforts please click HERE.

Since September brings us the opportunity to have TWO fast Sundays (due to the upcoming October General Conference on the first Sunday in October, we fast the first Sunday in September for September and then the last Sunday in September for October) I thought an FHE lesson on fasting would be perfect!

Opening (Silly) Song:  The Rainbow Connection*   CLICK HERE for sheet music/lyrics

* bonus points if you can sing like Kermit the Frog

Opening Prayer:  Not it!! ;)

    "It is not a burden to refrain from two meals a month and give the value thereof to assist in caring for the poor. It is, rather, a blessing. Not only will physical benefits flow from the observance of this principle, but spiritual values also. Our program of the fast day and the fast offering is so simple and so beautiful that I cannot understand why people everywhere do not take it up. Hearings have recently been held in the Congress of the United States on a proposal to recommend to the president a day of fasting to raise funds for the starving people of Africa. Our own experience last spring was so easy of execution and so tremendously productive that our consecrations have blessed thousands without causing any of us to suffer in the least."  President Gordon B. Hinckley Oct. 1985

WATCH and Discuss:  Mormon Messages "Wherefore Have We Fasted"

This movie is a hilarious way to talk about the subject of Fasting and Prayer.  The hairstyles alone are enough to get me chuckling but the MUSIC is the BEST!  Most importantly, it has a GREAT MESSAGE.

Download and Print these lesson strips to facilitate a discussion about Fasting and Prayer.

     "Out of a sense of love for the less fortunate among our own, let us observe the law of the fast, going without a little food - which we do not need - and contributing the value thereof and even more to help those who are in desperate circumstances."  President Gordon B. Hinckley April 1989

Closing Song:  Sweet Hour of Prayer  click HERE for sheet music/lyrics

Closing Prayer:  It!

Activity:  Cream Pie Fight!

(BTW this is NOT us but an awesome picture from this blog about being like-able)

Eek out the last vestiges of summer light and have a cream pie fight.  Use inexpensive tin pie plates, fill with whipped cream.  Line them up.  Line up the family.  Shout "GO!" and everyone can make a mad dash for the cream pies and each other.  What a fun FHE memory!

{ FHE doesn't have to be Perfect, it just has to BE}

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