Monday, July 7, 2014

Monday's Matter: FHE Don't Worry Be Happy!

At our home, and millions of others around the globe, Monday nights are reserved for family.  A Family Home Evening (FHE) filled with (hopefully) fun and giggles, spiritual and important topics and lots of love!

I'm not gonna lie, in this summer heat I feel like all I want to do after work is take a nap.  I can't imagine how exhausted all you parents are feeling, kids cooped up in the house with the air conditioner running, blazing sun baking the lawn.  It saps me just thinking about it.

I know FHE can be a struggle some times but I am here to tell you that whatever your effort may be, grand or small, it is appreciated and it builds such a good habit of setting aside time for family, for fun and for important spiritual matters to be discussed.  A time for you and your family, large or small, to focus on what is important to you.  And it is FUN!!

Opening Song: America The Beautiful  
(I used to despise this song as a kid because when we would sing it all the kids would look at me when we came to "amber waves of grain."  Nothin' worse for a shy kid than to have the whole class lookin' at 'em!)


Take a minute and discuss what makes you happy.  What things in your life do you think would make  your parents, your spouse, and your Heavenly Father happy?

Watch and Talk About:  We Can Find Happiness

See the stories of three people who find happiness through the plan of salvation as taught in the gospel of Jesus Christ. To learn more about how to find happiness, visit

Closing Song:    "Don't Worry Be Happy" by Bobby McFerrin!

{FHE Doesn't Have to be Perfect, It Just Has To BE}

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