Monday, July 28, 2014

Monday's Matter FHE: Chubby, Single (just for this week) and Ready for a Pringle! AKA Solo FHE

At our home and millions of others around the globe, Monday nights are reserved for family.  A Family Home Evening (FHE)!

Tonight, I am flying solo for FHE because the Aussie is on a 50 mile - that's right Five Uh-Oh! backpacking trip with the Boy Scouts.  So while they are toiling away, mosquito bitten and stinky exhausted, lumping 11 miles on the first day and gaining thousands of stink lines feet in elevation before they can make camp the first night (it is exhausting just thinking about it!) I have decided to have a relaxing night.  After all, I did get up at 2:45 am this morning to help get everything loaded and stand in the doorway in my jammies and cry a little wave good bye .

 Today's starting point for their week long adventure...

 50 Miler as a teenage Boy Scout (Aussie is the second from the left) circa 1993?

 Same 50 Miler, bottom row second from the right

Where the Scouts are hiking this week, I think the first night they are supposed to be at Lunch Meadow.

So, a night full of favorites is in order!  I have eggplant in the garden so I'm going to make some eggplant parm, there is an NCIS marathon on TV tonight which I plan on taking full advantage of, and a spot on the couch that has been calling my name all day.

But first, FHE!  There is no reason I can't have a fun filled (all be it, LESS fun filled than it would normally be with the Aussie - he makes everything more fun) FHE tonight.  Here is my plan, I'm going to pull double duty and cook dinner while I...

"Welcome everyone out to FHE tonight!" (The cat, the dog and I)

Opening Song: For the Beauty of the Earth

Invocation (fancy word for prayer) given by:  ME


2014 Pioneer Day Concert with Santino Fontana - A Summer Celebration of Song

If you would like to learn more about Pioneers in every land throughout our church check THIS out!

Benediction (fancy word for closing prayer) given by : Me! Me!  Pick Me!!  ;)

Activity:  Eat dinner and watch NCIS in my p.j.s !!

{FHE Doesn't Have to Be PERFECT, It Just Has to BE!}

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