Monday, June 2, 2014

Monday's Matter FHE: Are You What You Watch?

At our home, and millions of others around the globe, Monday nights are reserved for family.  A Family Home Evening (FHE)!

Whether it is a silly song or a frank discussion that brings your family together on Monday nights, there is no better way to spend your time.

Even when our family home evenings last the length of a commercial break on TV a "few" minutes we still feel uplifted and edified and also happy that we have carved out a little time for what is important.  What makes up your Monday?

Read and Discuss:

This month's Ensign has a great article about the Media.  I was present in a lesson once that really stuck with me on just this subject.

The teacher had baked delicious cinnamon rolls and the scent filled the room as we talked about media and the choice we make.  We discussed movies and music we enjoyed and then she asked us if there was anything "offensive" in these things we all loved.  Our replies were varied but for the most part all of our answers went something like this "there may be one or two things but as a whole it is uplifting and wonderful."

As we talked about what was appropriate and what choices we wanted to make regarding what we watched and listened to the teacher was busy plating up the still hot cinnamon rolls.  The smell was mouth watering.  At the close of the lesson, she reminded us that even "one or two things can ruin something, that those one or two things can stick with us long after we turn off the tv or radio."  We all collectively rolled our eyes.  Old, stuffy people, they just don't understand and they don't want us to have ANY fun.  They are so uncool.  One or two little bad things doesn't ruin a whole movie!

As she handed out the cinnamon rolls we all noticed something on top of each one.  It was a tiny, disgusting, cat turd (a REAL one).   As we all balked she asked us what was wrong?  It was just one little bad thing on one great cinnamon roll, surely we could pick it off and still consume the good parts.  Separate it out.

We could not.  And it is the same with the media we consume.  We cannot separate the good from the bad in a show.  We cannot unsee or unlisten to something.  Our minds are the greatest storage facilities on the planet and will store away everything we are exposed to.  It behooves us to choose wisely.

What do you think about the subject?

"Part of being a more active agent (in our own choices) is becoming conscious of how much time we spend on entertainment. With so much to choose from, it’s easy to get caught up ingesting “whatever comes your way via text, email, data feeds, streams, and notifications.”7 But when we do, we while away the “days of [our] probation”  with time-wasting activities that do not help us become stronger, wiser, more charitable...
Instead of wasting whole evenings on the latest viral video, hot new show, or status update, we could consciously carve out time to enjoy meaningful entertainment that rejuvenates us...“Make a conscious choice. You decide what, when, and how you are going to interact digitally.”8"
This has nothing to do with the lesson, I just thought it would be funny.  Nothing better at FHE than laughter!
Big Toe Wrestling  - Everybody takes off their shoes (socks too, if you're a close family) and sits on the floor. One person is 'IT'. He/She must try to grab at big toes of other family members. If a big toe is held that person is 'IT' or out, whichever. (Warning, be careful of playing with  boys...very rough and stinky feet.)

{FHE doesn't have to Perfect, it just has to BE}

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