Monday, April 28, 2014

Monday's Matter: His Grace is Sufficient

At our home, and millions of others around the globe, Monday evenings are reserved for family.  A family home evening (FHE)!

Whether it be fun or silly, serious or scholarly, Family Home Evening will strengthen your relationships and will benefit you and your family.  Even if it is 5 minutes of singing and reading one verse of scripture it counts!  So get out there and get to gettin'!

Opening Hymn:  Amazing Grace

Watch and Discuss:  His Grace is Sufficient, Brad Wilcox

"When a young pianist hits the wrong note we don't say he is not worthy to keep practicing...Why is this concept so easy to see in the context of learning piano but hard to see in the context of learning Heaven? Too many are giving up...because they are tired of constantly feeling like they are falling short."

This BYU Devotional is focused on Grace, it is a little long (30 min or so).  If you have littles at home you may want to watch it first and pick out your favorite few minutes to discuss.

This AWESOME game of scripture mastery MAD GABS!!!!  See the link below for the easy print version of the cards.

{Family Home Evening doesn't have to be Perfect, it just has to BE!}

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