Friday, March 14, 2014

Date Night Done Right: Stepin' Out With my Baby!

Sometimes marriage is a LOT of work  challenge.  What to do when you come home and crankiness abounds?  We like to employ the "Do Over!".  It goes down a little something like this....

I come home and am cranky.
My husband is cranky too.
I say something cranky. He smiles.
He says "Do Over!"
I go back outside, ring the door bell, he opens it and I come in the door again, trying to be less cranky. (I really cheese it up with the "I've missed you"s and "It is so nice to be home"s).
He says something cranky (I think he does it just so he can be sent outside).
I say "Do Over!"
He goes outside and comes back in (I'm sure our neighbors think we are nuts).
This time*, as weird as it may sound, the silliness of our own crankiness and cheesiness gets us laughing and we hug.  The "Do Over" works for us.  But mostly because we are silly at heart! 

*Once we had to do this 4 times in a row before we got past our crankiness.  Good times!  Good times! Good times! Good times!


There are actually quite a few good date night options in our area this weekend.  Here is a run down of my top picks!

Les Mis is playing at the Sierra Rep. This is your chance to see amazing actress Miori Kennedy as Young Cosette!!  She is a doll and wonderfully talented!  For showtimes, prices and ticketing check out this link HERE.

Our Town is playing at the Gallo Center this weekend.  Check out the link HERE.

And my favorite stay at home option: Have a living room camp-out!  Don't forget the s'mores!!

{Date Night doesn't have to be fancy, it just has to BE!}

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