Wednesday, February 12, 2014

What's For Dinner Wednesdays: Hot and Sour Soup

Hot and Sour soup is one of the few soups my Aussie likes.  Sometimes it is the only thing he gets when we go out. We've found that we can replicate our favorite recipe at home with fresh ingredients and less time than it takes to drive across town to the restaurant.  We made it for his birthday last year and even those who don't like "spicy" food enjoyed seconds!  I like more veggies in mine while he enjoys less vegetables.  You can make it any way you please.  Enjoy!

6 Cups Chicken Stock (or Vegetable Broth)
2 TBS Garlic and Red Chili Paste
4 TBS Soy Sauce
3/4 tsp black pepper
1/4 C White Vinegar

Bring all ingredients to a boil.  

1 Cup Julienne Sliced Carrots
1 Cup sliced mushrooms

Simmer for 5 - 10 minutes or until veggies are crisp tender

4 eggs, beaten

Swirl the raw eggs into the broth with a whisk, gently, as you pour them in.  They will create long strands of cooked egg.  Pretty!

5 TBS Cornstarch and 5 TBS Water mixed together

Whisk into soup and bring to a boil to thicken.

2 Cups  cooked shredded Chicken or julienne sliced cooked pork
1 tsp sesame oil

= optional add ins =
1 C diced tofu
1 (7oz) can sliced bamboo shoots
1 (7oz) can sliced water chestnuts
Birds Eye Chilis

Simmer for 2 minutes until all ingredients are warm.

1/2 Cup chopped scallions for garnish

Serve warm with egg rolls from your favorite take-out restaurant.

{Quotes to Cook By}

“Did you know you can drink food? It’s true! It’s called soup, and I eat it with a fork. I’m as efficient as the government.
― Jarod KintzA Zebra is the Piano of the Animal Kingdom

“Anyone who tells a lie has not pure heart, and cannot make good soup.” 
― Ludwig van Beethoven

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