Monday, February 3, 2014

Monday's Matter: Weave a Web of Happiness

At our house, and millions of others around the globe, Monday nights are reserved for family time. A Family Home Evening (FHE)!

Family Home Evenings can be fun, silly, informative, filled with delicious treats, ways to serve those around you or just quiet nights at home sharing a game or a thought.  There are a million and one right ways to do FHE.  

Tonight we are going the informative route.  

Tonight we are going to learn how to have a good day.  How to have many, many good days!

Momma was right!  Some days are like that.  But they don't all have to be!

Who wants more joy and peace and happiness out of life?  Come on...raise your hand.  You with the phone, yes you..and you there in your pajamas.  There!  Feels good doesn't it?  You!  You want more happiness, more joy, more peace!  Well then let's get to gettin'!

So here is the plan:

Read and Discuss:
"Put aside your problems and smile.  Have a good sense of humor..."  Tonight's lesson is based around this
February 2014 Ensign Article all about specific things you can do to live a life filled with Peace, Joy and Purpose.  You can read it or listen to it at the link above but here is the main list.

To Succeed in Life

  1. 1. 
    Establish principles to guide your life.
  2. 2. 
    Don’t make exceptions to your standards.
  3. 3. 
    Be loyal.
  4. 4. 
    Live so that the Lord can guide you.
  5. 5. 
    Serve others.
  6. 6. 
  7. 7. 
    Don’t complain.
  8. 8. 
    Always have a Church assignment.
  9. 9. 
    Worship in the temple.
  10. 10. 
    Follow the Savior’s example

This is a great, short video clip called Mountains to Climb all about finding the faith to move forward and finding the happiness in life.  Warning!!!  You may need to grab a few tissues for this one.  

The Activity:  Wilbur's Web

This cute activity works best with a couple of people but we plan to do it just the two of us and I'm sure it will work out fine - we will just have to go around a few times more :)

This activity is for anyone who is having a "Friendless, Lonesome, and Discouraging, Day.  Everyone needs a "Web".  Do you remember reading "Charlotte's Web when you were in grade school?  Can you remember the pig's name.  It was Wilbur.

(This  is  an excerpt  from  Ardeth G. Kapp's book, I Walk by Faith)
"Poor Wilbur had some very hard times and often felt alone and discouraged.  On one dreary rainy day he felt so "Friendless, dejected, and hungry, he threw himself down in the manure and sobbed.

Have you ever had a Wilbur Day????  A day when you felt alone and discouraged?  Listen and discover how Wilbur was rescued from his sad plight.

He was visited by his dear friend Charlotte, the spider whom he didn't like at all when he first met her.  But over the years he discovered a true friend in Charlotte, one who was willing to save his life by tirelessly spinning a beautiful web with a message that would let people know he was no ordinary pig.  Even Wilbur began to believe he was something special because his friend told him he was."

After reading this little except from "I Walk by Faith" by Ardeth Greene Kapp, page l39-l40, each person would take part in creating a "Web" for the other people in the room.  Each person would put their name on top of a sheet of paper and pass it to the person on their right who would then write a brief positive statement about that person.  Continue this until everyone has had an opportunity to "Spin a Thread Of the Web"

You could also talk about how strong a web is.  Have you ever tried to spray one down with the hose?  Even on full force, they are strong!!!!  Our friendships with each other can be as strong as the "Web" we weave for one another. 

Or think about the trapeze artist who is "flying" high above, and falls.....isn't there a type of "web" that catches him too.  When we are "falling" the "web" others have created for us can be there to catch us.

Treat:  Gimme S'more of that Happiness and Joy!!

Grab yourself a box of these babies!  The best mix I've ever used - just as good as homemade and way simpler.  It will bring a sweet end to your night.

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