Thursday, February 20, 2014

Date Night Done Right: Alex Filippenko Lecture on Dark Matter

Okay, this was really more of a full on date DAY but it still counts. Wednesday Michael and I drove to beautiful Fresno, CA to hear Cal Professor Alex Filippenko speak in a San Joaquin Valley Town Hall presentation on Dark Matter.

It was held at the William Saroyan Theatre in the Convention Center complex in Fresno.   And it was packed with lots of old people people of all ages including high school and college kids.

He loved it.  I LOVED it.  We loved it!  He did talk about physics and Cosmology and Astronomy but he also joked around and showed models and examples.  See that apple ^ he must have thrown that thing around 20 times.  But the best part was...The Aussie teaches just like this guy!  (He uses a baseball instead of an apple but same style similar examples - Expanding Universe = Fat Santa Filippenko vs Expanding Universe = The Aussie rubbing his belly.)

He also talked about trying to save the Lick Observatory...take a look if you have a moment HERE.

For lunch, we stopped at the Cheesecake Factory and split the Macaroni and Cheeseburger!  It was amazing!  Fried Mac and Cheese on a burger!  Yum-O!

It is a burger with DEEP FRIED Mac and Cheese on top of it!  Do you understand what I am saying?Scrumptious!

After that what was left to do but take the long way home through the foothills?  We got lost on back roads, saw cool things we had never seen before, all with the windows rolled down and music blasting on the stereo.

Michael took some great photos along the way.

A perfect date with my sweetheart.

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