Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Adventures In Infertility #22

#22 Baby Names
The Infertiles Top Baby Names

Boy: Vul

Get it?  Vul Gariety...Vulgari(e)ty?! Vulgarity!  Ha!

Girl: Charity

Charity Gariety.  'Cause it rhymes!

Unisex:  Seven

Because if it is good enough for Costanza it is good enough for Gariety.

 *Laughter is the best medicine right?  Why not laugh at my infertility?!  I do not mean to offend with any of these posts, it is just a way to let go a little and see the humor in our situation. Please laugh with me!

1 comment:

jals153 said...

Vul! Hahahahah! That gets my vote. ;)