Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Adventures in Infertility #20

#20   So You're Infertile...Now What?

1.  Take comfort, you are in good company and are not alone.  It just feels that way because people don't talk about infertility as much as they talk about pregnancy.  According to the CDC, the number of married women unable to get pregnant after 12 months of trying is 1.5 MILLION.     CDC US Infertility Stats

2.  Know who you are!  You are Awesome!  It's okay to be you.  Some pretty amazing women struggle with infertility.  Julia Childs, Nicole Kidman (and a whole host of other celebrities) and a lot of the women from the Bible like Elizabeth, Hannah and Sarah.

3.  Cry.  Give in and have a good old ugly-faced cry.  Don't keep it all bottled up inside.  Infertility has hurt your feelings and you should let it know once in a while!

4.  Hope. Pull out the onesie you bought when you were first married, exchange baby name suggestions with your spouse, talk about what good parents you would be and how much you would hate changing poopy diapers all day.  Nothing puts the fear into Infertility like someone who dares to HOPE.

5.  Don't Worry.  Be Happy!   Don't let the well placed sympathy of others make you feel like it isn't okay to be happy with your life.  We get one shot here on this earth, don't let something you have no control over ruin your happiness.  After all, this isn't your fault.  You cannot direct the wind but you can adjust your sails!

And when things get too tough refer to #3 and know that it is okay to feel angry, lonely, sad and hopeless sometimes and it is ALWAYS okay to eat cupcakes.  Don't forget to share one with your hubby who probably feels the same way you do!

 *Laughter is the best medicine right?  Why not laugh at my infertility?!  I do not mean to offend with any of these posts, it is just a way to let go a little and see the humor in our situation. Please laugh with me!

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