Friday, January 17, 2014

Date Night Done Right!

We both have big days tomorrow (I am hiking 9.2 miles at 6am with my crazy energetic friends Jennifer and Lindsey and Michael is golfing at La Contenta with a few friends) BUT that is no reason to skip out on date night! Since it is my turn to plan our date night extravaganza, I am going with a D.A.H. or Date at Home (as opposed to a D.A.F.H.  Date Away From Home, of course).  Anyway, I think it is all the fun without the tipping or the hassle.


Rule #1  Turn OFF your electronic devices
Rule #2   Don't answer the phone (For the love! Don't people know you are on a date?  Why are they calling?)
Rule #3  Forget about his comfy chair, or sprawling out alone on the couch.  Sit TOGETHER during the movie. How are you supposed to make-out if you aren't even sitting next to each other?
Rule #4 Make sure your dad, whom you live with, is NOT home, wait...maybe that should be rule #1

For some reason I think it is really fun to pair movies with themed food.  Therefore, we will be watching Mama Mia! and we will be eating take-out from our favorite Greek restaurant Papapavlos.  Got to love their Chicken Gyros!  Need some more inspiration for at home dating?  Check out the websites below!

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