Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Adventures in Infertility #4

#4 Awkward Moments Hall of Fame
Putting the Fun in Infertility since 1999

Cry, Cry Again:

Cried in Relief Society when a friend announced she was pregnant.  Excused myself to go to the ladies room and saw this in the mirror...

Cried again because I looked like that.  Of course, now we laugh about it.  At least she does. ;)

It's Just a Game:

Ever cried over losing in a game?  Try crying over losing ALL the games at a baby shower because you don't know anything about babies.  Because you don't have one.  Jokes on them because while they were diving up the prizes you ate all the cream puffs!  Who's the loser now!!

And why do they have so much food at baby showers anyway?  Sad?  Have a sandwich, or ten. ;)

After 13 year of trying, missed your period.
Miss your period for 2 months in a row. 
Refuse to take a pregnancy test.  
Finally do.
It is negative.  
Go to the Dr.  
Blood test is negative.  
Go home. 
Husband still at work.
Phone rings.
Refuse to answer the phone.
Phone rings.
Refuse to answer the phone.
Get in jammies.
Watch TV with Ben and Jerry's.
Knock on the door.
Friends who come bringing comfort and cheer.
And errands.
They take me, in my jammies, to run errands.
And get fro-yo.
How did they know it was just what I needed?

*Laughter is the best medicine right?  Why not laugh at my infertility?!  I do not mean to offend with any of these posts, it is just a way to let go a little and see the humor in our situation. Please laugh with me!

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