Thursday, September 13, 2012

September FUN

Last Saturday we went to picnic at the POPS (the Modesto Symphony Orchestra kick off concert). We splurged and sat in the "Reserved Lawn" section (see our shirt badges). It was so much fun. We brought a picnic (of real food - not veggie juice) and sang the night away to Motown hits. For those who've been wondering we are still on our juice fast but we have added in yummy, healthy dinners a few nights a week. I'm down 23 lbs so far. :) Totally worth all the juiced spinach.

This last pic is from the Balloon launch during Labor Day Weekend.  It was really cool outside and I got to wear my leggings!  I'm super excited about leggings with a tunic, cardigan and boots.  Lots of people stopped me to tell me my outfit was cute (can you believe it?! )  It was awesome...YAY LEGGINGS!

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Sharee and Arthur said...

Looks like fun, guys! Good job stickin to your juice diet and congrats on the lost weight! That's awesome. And also, good job on your cute outfit with leggings. ;). Love you guys.