Saturday, July 21, 2012

Fat, sick, and nearly dead

Yesterday I, Mike, watched this documentary that my brother told me about. It blew me away. I have been suffering from an unknown rash for the past year or so. This Joe Cross had something similar to what I have. I figured that since I'm at my ropes end, I might as well try this juice detox and see if it can eliminate my rash just like it did for him.  Also, Amber's Aunt Kathy has been trying to get me to do this detox for months and she is pleased that I am finally giving it a go.  Thanks Kathy!!!

 So Amber bought a Juiceman today and we went to Raleys and bought $55 worth of veggies and some fruits. We start on Monday, July 23. No food... just 4 - 20 oz juices a day. All the info is here at 

  I plan to give daily updates here on our blog as to how its going and how I feel. I am also working out for 1 hour every day at Modesto Power. I look forward to Christmas time when I am rash free, feeling great, and I can donate all my clothes and buy smaller sizes. (I also convinced Amber to do this with me to give me support) Thanks Amber!!!