Monday, May 28, 2012

Try Some Yoga

It rained her in Motown a few weeks ago (between now and the last time I blogged), Mike was tutoring and I decided to pull out my Christmas present (a fabulous new yoga mat!) and do some yoga. I have taken yoga at the junior college here in town for years. It is a great way to relax and help yourself feel GOOD. Give it a try - you will like it!

 A friend of mine lost her husband a few weeks ago and at his memorial she said his favorite Zen saying was, "Don't push the river, it flows by it's self." 

Something to think about while you are in your Warrior pose.

Modesto Friend's Book Group Bags

Moloka'i  by Alan Brennert is our book group book for the month of May.  I belong to an amazing book group.  We all take turns choosing books and everyone has such different interests and reading preferences we get to read and discuss lots of different topics.  We always have fun talking about books we love and having a treat to go along with the book.  This month we are having a pool party for book discussion night!

I made these bags for everyone.  They say "I Like Big Books And I Cannot Lie" and then on the back...

They have a quote from a book that each person liked  - I loved this one, " I solemnly swear that I am up to no good" from The Prisoner of Azkaban (you are so clever Cindy!).  I hope they like them!  I wanted to replace each plain handle with this cute fabric I found but ran out of time.  I think I'll offer to do it for anyone who wants to leave their bag with me for a few days after book group.
My amazing friend Kristi keeps a list of the books we've read on her blog.  If you are looking for a good read we always have one.

Garden Glory

Our garden has been growing so well!  I am so excited to grow some new types of pumpkins this year.  I ordered some from a catalog to try including two types of the grey-blue Jarrhdale, a Howden field pumpkin, and a white Lumina pumpkin.  My strategy this year is to give the plants more room, prune them back, control pests with organic Neem oil and fertilize with organic compost.  Hope it will work!

So far we have eaten green beans and radishes from the garden as well as strawberries. :)  How does your garden grow?  Leave me some tips - I will try anything and could sure use the help!

Tahoe Couples Retreat

Thanks to our friends Doug and Ally, we went to Tahoe this weekend with four other couples. Ally's family has a beautiful cabin on the South Shore. We played games, watched movies, went for a hike, Mikey did a cannon ball in the (freezing) lake, the girls all shopped and we laughed, a lot. It was such a fun weekend. Thanks Doug and Ally!

Sunset from the upper deck of the cabin.  Friday it snowed while we were driving up and continued on and off until Saturday night.  Sunday ways beautiful and sunny - a perfect day for church and a walk by the lake (too bad we accidentally ended up at a nude beach - thank goodness we didn't see any nudies!)
Doug and Ally at the lake

Doug and Mike being silly

Ginny and Ryan and baby
Amy and Mike warming up with some hot cocoa

 Mikey took a walk on the wet and wild side on Saturday and stepped into the lake in the middle of a snow storm.  He said it wasn't "That cold" :)  What a brave guy!

 Aly and I up at the cabin - she helped me pick out the cutest outfit while we were shopping.  She is super stylish and I felt lucky to have her help me!
Mikey and I at the burger joint waiting for our fries to arrive.  What a fun weekend!  We miss you guys already.

Red, White and Beautiful

I was in the mood to sew and used the same measurements from the previous bag to make this new red, white and blue bag. I also sewed my very first pocket!
I love this selection of fabrics and have started on my first quilt with them.  Hopefully I'll finish sometime soon and will post the results.  I am so enthralled by the quilts on Cluck Cluck Sew I thought I would give it a go.

Micheal bought me this self healing cutting mat and rotary cutter which I used to make the sweet banner below...
It is just 9" x 9" x 7" triangles of fabric sewn together and  then attached to double fold wide bias tape I picked up at JoAnn's.  I love it!  And I love the new ceramic Owl Michael bought me.  He brought me a teal duck a few years ago that I am fond of as well.