Sunday, April 22, 2012

Busy Bees

We've been busy in the Gariety household. In the last few weeks we've expanded the garden and tended to all the fruit trees (all the more to be canned this summer).

I've been trying to put together some flower arrangements with the flowers and greenery I've been growing. This morning the snapdragons, mint and ivy looked good to me.
I also whipped out these two bags using this tutorial as a guide. I LOVE this fabric, the orange reminds me of pumpkins (I admit it, I'm obsessed - I planted 4 different varietys in the garden this year).

We've also been diligent in our date nights. Mike has taken me on some fun ones. We went to a Ceres high basket ball game, out to yogurt and a science lecture where a man stood up and called a graph "scandalous!" At which point someone mentioned Obama and a shouting match ensued (Best Lecture EVER!) we've also gone to a baseball game and out to dinner with friends. Date night is a special night whatever we end up doing. Sometimes it is just rootbeer floats and Monk reruns - always a crowd pleaser!

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Sharee and Arthur said...

Amber, I LOVE those bags you made, especially the orange one. DARLING! Great job on your garden. Again, I have garden envy. None of the seedlings I started took, so I'll have to go buy all my plants already grown. And I'm late getting those in too!