Saturday, October 8, 2011


Just a little update...we are in Modesto now. Michael LOVED his job with Bastian Material Handling. We enjoyed our time in Carmel, IN and were looking forward to the new adventures in Pomona, CA with the company but Michael was offered an Astronomy teaching position at MJC. One which, after much thought and prayer, he decided to accept. I was heartbroken to be leaving the Bastian family so soon but we are excited to see where this new position will take us. I guess if everything turned out the way you wanted it to or thought it would life would be pretty boring. I don't think either one of us thought we would be back so soon, yet here were are...hoping for good things to come. :)


AmyAnn said...

Yea! Welcome back!!! Lets have a game night soon!

Laura said...

So happy for you guys (and for us that we get you back)! Mike must be one smart cookie people are knocking down your door with the job offers.

Andy & Mindy said...

SWEET!!! We need to plan a visit, Miss you guys glad your back...where everybody knows your name and were always glad you came...... : )