Monday, July 11, 2011

Firsts and Lasts

The last few weeks have been filled with many firsts and lasts. Some bittersweet, some exciting and some sad. Here is a peak...

Michael and Dad's first time canning on their own. My dad wrote "M & J" with the date on all the jar lids :)
Our last family picnic at Sutter Creek - my cousin Jenny and her family, Aunt Kathy, my dad and the niece and nephew enjoyed one fun day of swimming, picnic foods and baseball.

Our last 4th of July Concert in the Park - one of my very favorite summer activities of all-time!

Our last 2nd Ward Pancake breakfast and flag ceremony for the 4th of July, what a great tradition!

Our first time selling a car ourselves, the Golden Flash went to some dear friends of ours. We also took our last car ride with the kiddos - they were so sad to see it sold, especially Novalee as it was the car we took her around in when she was smaller and spent lots of time with us.
My very first pedicure - not as weird as I thought it would be. Thanks Kim!

Our last trip to the Organic Farmer's Market downtown. I would go once a week and pick-up farm fresh fruits and veggies and amazing breads. The kids loved to sample the fruits and talked Michael into buying them an Icee on our last time round...what a softie he is ;)

Our first and last SF Giants game this year. We were lucky enough to pick up some Club Level tickets on the first base side. We carpooled with our good friends and enjoyed a night of great baseball and super yummy ballpark food (Garlic Fries!).

Last time hanging out with our friends the Grimsmans, who moved to Folsom a few years ago. They are always so much fun! We played Bananagrams in the dentist's office while they got their teeth cleaned and then went for a picnic.

On our last night in Modesto we picked up our niece and nephew and took them out to their favorite spot - The Yogurt Mill in Roseburg Square...

They loved it!
Mikey's first time waiting for room service. Our flight in DC was cancelled and when we finally got a hotel for the night room service was the only food was delicious!

First time in DC - okay so we really never left the airport, except for the shuttle to our hotel just outside the airport and we saw no sights but it was still our first time.
In between all that we also took one last trip to the Oakland temple, where we were sealed, it was a beautiful day!

We were also blessed to have an open house thrown by some friends of ours so we could spend time with our ward family and eat yummy desserts. We attended a ward BBQ (tri-tip!). Thank-you to everyone for your love and kindess all these years we love Modesto and we love you too!


Sharee and Arthur said...

I can't imagine how hard it must be to leave a place where you have made so many memories and put down so many roots. But I am so excited for you guys to have a new adventure and can't wait to see pictures of all the new things you'll experience!

Erin B. said...

Ummm, apparently we missed the memo.... WHERE R U GOING??!!?? Modesto without Mike & Amber is like the beach without water or buffalo without snow.... or Modesto without Mike & Amber! Clearly we need an update, we are excited to hear about your new adventures, wherever they are!!!

Scott and Kim said...

I don't like it one bit! Makes me all sad to read. But I am happy that Mikes hard work is paying off...literally!