Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy Happy Birthday

Hello 31! This year for my birthday I asked for a kitten but instead I got the stomach flu, which is almost the same amount of mess to clean up. Just kidding - well not about the flu part but I did have a pretty awesome B-day considering. Michael kicked his birthday spoiling into overdrive since my birthday fell on a Monday and he had to work most of the day. I had a hot stone massage in the morning (by "Helga" who was as strong as she sounds) and we went to Outback for dinner (not the best idea, me having the flu and all but on the bright side we hardly ate anything). Michael joyously allowed me to "pull rank" all evening long even watching my new favorite TV show with me Hawaii 5-0! I was so grateful for all the birthday cards, phone calls and well-wishes I received. Thanks to everyone for making my day such a special one! I am looking forward to 2011 hoping it will be the year of the Garietys!! :)

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