Saturday, January 15, 2011

Friday Night, Date Night

Friday nights, as you know, are "date nights" and this last Friday Michael took me on an amazing date. We went to a M.A.P.S. presentation of Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom presented by Peter Gros. Along with video clips from some of his adventures Peter Gros had lots of animals with him including a beaver (who would JUMP for bread), small and large alligators, many monkeys, a large kangaroo who loved crackers, a huge anaconda, a porcupine from Africa, leaping lemurs and a kimodo dragon who used his tongue to smell the audience. It was hilarious, informative and the animals were showstoppers! Peter ended the presentation with a bit of wisdom for the packed auditorium...he said that our planet is resilient and we shouldn't feel lost when we hear all the news stories about calamities around the world. Basically, that things aren't as bad as the news would have us believe when it comes to our natural world.

We finished up the night by trying out a new BBQ restaurant Buddy's.

It is always so nice to get dressed up and go out on Friday's. I'm so glad I have a husband who realizes how important it is to plan dates for us. Date nights are so wonderful!


lee04031 said...

Thanks for telling Brian about it, we ended up going and it was great! I was surprised how many different animals he brought in... very exciting. Glad you guys liked it too.

Griff and Jess said...

Hey! I was glad you left a comment, I have some game recommendations: Dominion- a two to four player card game. And Leonardo Davinci- a two to five player board game. We got them both this past year and they are both really fun! Glad you guys are doing well, we wish you the best.