Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Halloween Countdown Calendar

Pottery Barn has a super cute Halloween Countdown Calendar in their Early Fall catalog this year but at $60 + tax it was way out of our price range. With $20 and some creativity I came up with one of our very own...*


Pkg of 36" x 36" black felt
6 sheets orange felt
2 sheets cream felt
Pre-cut felt pumpkins, cats and an owl
Pre-cut felt numbers and letters enough for all 31 days, "Happy Halloween" and our last name
Carpenter's square
Fabric Glue
Wooden dowel

Fold down a 2" section at the top of your black felt and glue on edge to create a sleeve for your dowel (to hang calendar on the wall later).

Center 4 orange felt sheets into a large rectangle 1" from left side of black felt and 2" from top. Use Carpenter's Square to help get everything lined up. Measure 1" on right side and cut away excess black felt. Leave bottom as is for now.

Glue orange squares in place.

I couldn't find everything to make the Pottery Barn calendar exactly like it is in the catalog so I decided to concentrate on trying to add some of the things I loved about it. Like this spooky tree and the fantastic orange and black (Go Giants!) colors.

Using a white crayon freehand the tree onto black felt that was cut away from main 36" x 36" section and cut it out. Cut out a moon from cream felt.

Glue tree trunk first, then the moon behind the branches and then all the branches to the orange felt.

Cut a slightly curvy edge on the bottom of the black felt and fold it up so that it overlaps the bottom of the tree trunk slightly (it will make the ground around the tree). Glue along the curvy edge to secure in place. See below where the pumpkins and cats are placed.

Using the bar code sticker on the felt, I cut out 31 orange squares out of 2 sheets of felt placed back to back. I also cut out a few black squares and 3 bats from my left over black scraps.

Glue stars or pre-cut felt images to front sides of pocket. Top with numbers. Glue pockets onto calendar making sure to glue only the side and bottom edges of the pockets and leave the middle and top open to accept treats.

Spell out "Happy Halloween" on the bottom
(Which I still need to do when I've got time to get to the craft store for white felt lettering).

Fill pockets with candies and begin the countdown!!
It was so fun to make this tricky-treat holder and we can pull it out every Halloween.

*as you can probably tell the calendar isn't finished yet but I hope you can still get an idea of what it should come out like :) Happy Crafting!


Stacey H said...

It turned out awesome Amber! You are very talented! We have to get together again so we can chat more!!!

AmyAnn said...

Super cute Amber! I love it!!

Sharee and Arthur said...

Wow! That is really cute! Good job, Amber!

blucas said...

great project! But what really made it was the Charlie Brown music...makes me feel all holidayish inside.