Sunday, September 12, 2010

Deaf Church

Today Michael and I had an experience we will never forget. We met a group of saints who were the embodiment of all that is good in the world and in this church. Today Michael and I attended the Carmichael 2nd Branch, a deaf branch. We spent the three hour block with some of the most amazing people you would ever have hoped to meet.

In Relief Society I stood in awe as the sisters, sitting in a circle, asked me questions and through one of the girls I used to have in YW's I answered them (thanks Kaitlyn!). They "clapped" when I signed my name and hugged me calling me by name when the lesson was over. I met the most amazing woman, Velma, who was beautiful and had a smile as big as the heavens. She was deaf, her parents were deaf and she had both deaf and hearing children. It was almost like you could see her testimony radiating from her, like it was a tangible element. Instantly she was the friend you never knew, you'd always longed for.

In Sunday School, we were witness to one of the most insightful lessons on the book of Hosea. Again, the Spirit was so strong it was as if we felt we could reach up and swipe it away from our faces. One of the sister missionaries translated aloud for Michael and I during the lesson so we could understand every word.

In sacrament meeting everyone sat together in the middle. We watched as they signed the sacrament prayer, word for word. We joined in as everyone signed the hymns and we laughed when the Branch President gave a talk about pride. He, jokingly, called out his 2nd counselor as a "sinner" for choosing 1 lolly pop now instead of 2 lolly pops later in a made up scenario where a little patience would have gained a double return. Everyone was rolling with laughter. Laughter is laughter, even for people who can't hear it. It was pure and good.

I am so grateful for this wonderful experience, for the witness I received. Even when I could not understand what was being signed I was granted the blessing of knowing what was being communicated - a love for the Lord and for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Thank-you Carmichael 2nd we will always remember you!

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Sharee and Arthur said...

Wow, what a great experience! I'm so glad you shared it here!