Friday, August 20, 2010

Wuv...trwu wuv...

Doug & Aly
est. August 14, 2010
Last weekend Mike and I drove down to Los Angeles to attend Doug and Aly's wedding. We have both known Doug for many years and Micheal had the privilege of being one of his groomsmen. Doug introduced us to the kind, funny, smart, lovely Aly last year and we are so glad! They make a beautiful couple and their wedding was a fairytale.

They walked down the isle on a carpet of rose petals on the grounds of a swanky country club. The groom teared up when she came down the isle. His father officiated and spoke beautiful words of love and encouragement for both of them. The reception after the wedding was so much fun! We danced and ate amazing food and watched a slide show put together by the grooms sister about the happy couple. It was amazing and we are so happy to have shared in their happy day! Congratulations Doug and Aly :)

On the drive home we took Highway 1 for a few hours to see the coast line. Being in the car for that long reminded us of our yearly trip to New Mexico and we can't wait! We talked about how much we love those trips, not just the drive and the chance to have that time together but seeing our family whom we love so much and miss all year long. Can't wait to see you Albuquerque Turkeys!!


Sharee and Arthur said...

We can't wait either!!!

Andy & Mindy said...

I'm sorry we couldn't make it to the wedding but we will be at the open house this Saturday I hope you and Mike will be there : ) Can't wait to see ya! XOXO