Thursday, July 1, 2010

Buffalo Gal (and Guys)

What could you add to a night out for Mexican food and fro-yo that would make it PERFECT?

Our best Buffalo BFFs - Keith, Erin and Kai! Lucky for us Keith had to come to Cali for work and Erin and Kai came along for the ride. We have missed them so much since they moved to N.Y. ! We had an amazing night of food, friends and laughter (and frozen yogurt!)...

Little Kai being adorable and entertaining us while we waited in line at the restaurant
Mikey and Kai saying "Cheese!" for the camera - what a bunch of hams :)

Erin and I at the Yogurt Mill. She is such an amazing person! She is a constant inspiration to me and I felt so happy to be able to see her. If we ever have a baby I'm using cloth diapers and making my own baby food - you'll be sooo proud of me Erin :)
Erin, Mikey, Kai, Amber and Keith having fun. These guys are the best! Almost makes us want to move to Buffalo but then we would have to root for the Bills...(j/k Keith, we wouldn't root for them even if we lived there ;)

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