Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Better Bargains

I had a great yard sale day last Saturday! With 20 minutes and $5 in my pocket I struck out in search of something we could use. I hit three yard sales and was lucky enough to find not only some clothes for my dad (reversible vest, polo shirt and cashmere pullover - all for $1) but some pretty great stuff for me as well. Here is a peak into my haul...

Adorable, Strappy Mary-Jane's For - $2

Ralph Lauren Charcoal Gray Cordoroy Pants - $1
And my favorite purchase, a wool blend pea coat in lime green for $1! I tried on this coat at Target last winter and loved it but didn't have the moola in our budget to buy it. I guess good things really do come to those who wait :)

For those of you who have never ventured out to a yard sale, tag sale or garage sale - take a few bucks and see what you can find. And don't be afraid to bargain over the price!


Sharee and Arthur said...

Yippee! Good finds, Amber! I especially love the coat.

Scott and Kim said...

amber I'm jealous!! I LOVE the pea coat, woo hoo bargain girl!

Tawny said...

What great finds! I told myself to become a yard-saler this year, but I haven't gotten out there yet. You just may have inspired me to go this weekend!