Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Taco Truck Tacos

This is a great recipe to help you use up some leftover roast beef, pork or chicken. You can also brown up some ground beef or turkey if you don't have any leftovers handy.


1 medium onion, finely chopped
1/2 bunch cilantro chopped
Juice of 1 lime or lemon

Leftover Meat (enough to feed your family) shredded (We like pork or beef)
Taco seasoning

Corn Tortillas
Cholula Hot Sauce
Pickled Jalapeno slices, drained
Lime wedges


Combine onion, cilantro and lime/lemon juice in a bowl and set aside

Warm tortillas in an ungreased cast iron skillet over medium heat. Place between damp paper towels when warmed and cover all with a clean dish towel.

Heat oil in a skillet and brown/crisp. Add a few shakes of taco seasoning for flavor if desired.

To Serve:

Place 2 small corn tortillas together on plate, top with meat, onion/cilantro mixture, jalapenos, Cholula and salt. Serve with a lime wedge.

Buen Provecho!

Who Are You?

Our True Identity

Monday, July 26, 2010

August's Book: The Coffin Quilt

I just finished Ann Rinaldi's The Coffin Quilt and I loved it! For some reason I was so drawn to poor Roseanna who was "so purty that just being next to her is better than a piece of rock candy". And when she ran off with Johnse Hatfield "teeth so white, smile so sassy, eyes so blue...and dimples! What was it Ma said about dimples? "Sometimes you don't know if the Lord poked his finger there or the devil" that I felt my heart swelling and breaking right along with hers.

A good, clean read.

""The Civil War conditioned men who fought in it to kill and to hate." Consequently, men came home from the war to their mountains with minds and rifles primed to react to the slightest trespass upon their exaggerated loyalty to kinfolk. The story is told by Fanny, the youngest of the fourteen McCoy children, who traces the beginnings of the famous feud to a confused Civil War shooting and a dispute over a herd of pigs. When her favorite older sister, the beautiful Roseanna, runs off with handsome Johnse Hatfield, it's like a bucket of gasoline thrown on the smoldering hatred between the two families."
--Amazon Review

Kentucky Coffin Quilt

Going Out With A Bang

Here are some pics from my uncle Brian's retirement par-tay!

He is an amazing guy! More than 300 people came out to wish him well and boogie down with him as he retired from the police force. His fellow officers told the funniest stories about his career in law enforcement...

Uncle Brian (Cliff) with his sister (my auntie) Kathy

Mike and I decked out in our luau party wear :)

Kat and (my cousin) Allyson were the (Wal-Mart) greeters for the evening...

Food, food and yep you guessed it, more food...

Some of his co-workers put together an 18 minute slide show of his life and his career - it was hilarious and touching. They got the best video of him dancing to his cell phone ring tone (he's famous for his crazy dancing - I think it runs in the family...)

Kat and I and Aunt Kathy and I

My cousin Roland, Kathy and Roland's girlfriend Sam

My dad and his date for the evening

They hired an amazing live band to play for the night. Everyone danced until well past midnight and we even got to sing with the band (Last Dance with Mary-Jane)!
It was a crazy, fun-filled night full of family and friends but the best part was that we were all able to show our love and appreciation to a man who has made a difference in so many lives. Happy Retirement Uncle Brian!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How Now...Purple Cow?

Welcome to the Stanislaus County Fair...This year's theme "Flavors Of The Valley"!
Mikey's favorite flavor was the Chocolate Milk Barn. He had three large chocolate milks and you can see by his expression that he enjoyed each and every one of them :)

Our niece and nephew loved standing on the "Footsie Wootsie" vibrating foot massage machine. For only a quarter it was the cheapest "ride" at the fair!

Everyone had their favorite exhibits and animals...

Except our nephew who was terrified of the cows and had to cover his eyes so he wouldn't have to look at them.

Good Times!

Better Bargains

I had a great yard sale day last Saturday! With 20 minutes and $5 in my pocket I struck out in search of something we could use. I hit three yard sales and was lucky enough to find not only some clothes for my dad (reversible vest, polo shirt and cashmere pullover - all for $1) but some pretty great stuff for me as well. Here is a peak into my haul...

Adorable, Strappy Mary-Jane's For - $2

Ralph Lauren Charcoal Gray Cordoroy Pants - $1
And my favorite purchase, a wool blend pea coat in lime green for $1! I tried on this coat at Target last winter and loved it but didn't have the moola in our budget to buy it. I guess good things really do come to those who wait :)

For those of you who have never ventured out to a yard sale, tag sale or garage sale - take a few bucks and see what you can find. And don't be afraid to bargain over the price!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Gariety's Garden

There is something new in the garden this year...

Neptune's Harvest Crab Shells and recycled newspaper mulch!
A baby watermelon

One of our butternut squashes

So far the plants are loving it! Recycled newspaper is a good source of carbon for an urban garden as well as a weed prevention cloth and it is budget friendly. Crab shells are great fertilizers and help keep certain garden pests at bay. It is 79 cents a cup at the local nursery so it is budget friendly as well but be forewarned it stinks! It smells just like you would think dead crab would smell.

July's Campout

Last Friday and Saturday night Michael and I went "camping" with the Underwood and Corona families. The Underwoods have a family camp on the river up past the Big Trees. On the way there we stopped at Giant Burger for dinner.

The food was delicious and the people were so nice!

We arrived at the camp just before dusk and everyone walked down to the river to check it out.

Kim, Mercedes and I

This is our room, inside the screened in area was a full sized bed with mattress and a bench. It was like the Hilton! :)
Here are some pics of the deck, dinning and kitchen areas. We loved relaxing in the swing chairs on the deck and eating Scott's great cooking.
The Corona's set up a tent by the fire pit and did an old-school campout.
Here we are on our way home Saturday night after a super relaxing and fun time. Some of the highlights were swimming in the freezing water and riding an air mattress down the (1 foot) rapids with Kim and Mercedes. Good Times!