Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A First Time For Everything

Last Saturday Michael woke up with extreme lower right abdominal pain and vomiting. After a few hours and lots of prayer he asked to go to the ER. Fearing that it might be his appendix we drove on over to the local hospital. The triage nurse saw him and got him right in. Despite his pain he had a good laugh when we couldn't figure out which way the hospital gown went. Neither one of us has ever been to the ER or been admitted to the hospital before. They hooked him up to an IV line to get some fluids and pain medication into him while they waited for the trace they had him drink (which he promptly returned) to work it's way through his body. The Dr. ordered a CT scan because after examining him they thought it was his appendix too. The pain medication they gave him via his IV was very effective, so effective that he was too relaxed to breath right. They put him on 3 liters of oxygen and switched meds.

An hour and a half later they wheeled him down the hall to get the scan done. We didn't have to wait long - the Dr. (who liked talking physics with Michael) came right down and told us that there was good news and bad news. The good news was his appendix was fine (I was so happy I think I clapped) but the bad news was he had a kidney stone and he still had to pass it. The M.D. said women who have had them say they are more painful than giving birth without an epidural. Yikes! Later, after we were home and he was resting comfortably we decided it was kind of funny - at least one of us will get to experience child birth :) Sunday, he "gave birth" to a 2 mm little guy. He named him "Rocky."


Vera said...

actually as soon as you said the pain and vomitting the first thing i thought was a kidney stone because i had one during my pregnancy with Catcher. Seriously the most pain i've ever been in! Mine was 7mm and was lodged in the tube. Thankfully the baby in my belly karate chopped it and sent it down the bladder where it hit so hard it broke apart. Too bad mike didn't have a baby to do that hehe. but i'm glad it passed and is done! that's ouchy!!!! hope the bill wasn't huge! you know a lot of places if you tell them how poor they are they'll charge you like 50 and call it done.

Andy & Mindy said...

My Goodness! Congrats to Mike : ) and little rocky. I love how you two find humor in everything I admire that about you guys. Never Change!

Sharee and Arthur said...

oh poor Mikey!!! Haven't had the joy of that experience yet, and I really hope that's one I can pass on. I'm glad it's over and I hope Mikey's health challenges are over for awhile. You guys are in our prayers!