Saturday, June 12, 2010

Canoe Trip

Since Thursday Michael has been on a three day canoe trip down the Stanislaus river with the Boy Scouts.
The first night they traveled more than 25 miles down the river, beginning at Knight's Ferry. They reached their first camp site at McHenry Recreation Area at 8:45pm. The leaders and boys had just enough energy to cook an amazing dinner (chicken and beef burritos) and head off to bed.
The second day they paddled another 20 or so miles. They saw a school of huge fish and had lots of fun along the way. That night they camped at Caswell State Park where the families met them for a pizza dinner. It was so nice to see Mike and hear how the trip was going.
The last leg of the canoe trip brought them all the way to "River's End" at the confluence of the Stanislaus and San Joaquin Rivers. Where they took some time to enjoy the water.

Michael couldn't stop talking about what a wonderful adventure this was and how great it was to have so many scouts participate. While he was gone I watched a lot of late night Nick-At-Night T.V. trying to fall asleep - I forgot how good The Cosby Show was! I am so glad to have him home and to hear about this fun trip.


Sharee and Arthur said...

Looks very fun! Too bad you're not a scout and couldn't go along, Amber!

Vera said...

man scouts do way more fun than we did as young women! looks like great fun! glad your hubby could go, they asked Adam but it just wouldn't work with his schedule, looks like he really missed out!

Jack and Joann said...

Hi Cousins!
You folks look happy and healthy and very busy.
Have a great June weekend.