Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Up-Do and Facial Night

Our new Mia Maid advisor is a hairdresser. For an activity last month she showed the girls how to do up-dos while the we made and used homemade facial creams.
Some of the girls mixing up yummy homemade facial creams like strawberries and honey and oatmeal banana.

Misty showing the girls a fancy up-do on one of beautiful girls Abigail. Her hair turned out amazing!

The activity was loads of fun but these girls just like to spend time together. They are AwEsOMe!!

Silly picture of the girls modeling their facial concoctions :)

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Breeana said...

Oh my.. Amber, I commend you for being a YW advisor... For some reason that's not really a calling I could handle. Maybe I could, maybe I'd love it. But I still commend you!