Friday, April 23, 2010

Things Seen In the Oakland Temple Parking Lot

Many, many "Semper Fi", Army, Navy, Marines bumper stickers in the lot. Thank-you to all who serve.

This was one of my favorites: "Don't tell Obama what comes after a trillion." A little unfair since both parties spend like crazy people but still funny!
These people parked next to each other. Truely "coexisting.

This was the dirtiest car I've ever seen, the back end was the cleanest part of the car! Love the bumper sticker :)

This one was on a GIANT, old, 70's van. Make you wonder what kind of "Lady" drives it...


Scott and Kim said...

wow, how do you think of these things?!?!?

Vera said...

oh my goodness i love bumper stickers, Adam's sister has one that says " I believe in good men, dragons and other mythical creatures." she's single and a little bitter so it's funny :)somehow those bumper stickers say it all sometimes