Saturday, February 20, 2010


I'll admit it. I'm a food snob. Well, as much as a food snob as you can be when your husband is in graduate school and the budget is tight. I enjoy a coupon as much as the next girl but it means something special to me when we can go out for a unique and delicious tasting experience such as the one enjoyed last night at Concetta. And thanks to our good friends, the Williams, dinner was super budget friendly (i.e. free!).

Concetta is a tapas-style restaurant. I read online that it is not a true-to-Spain tapas restaurant but since I've never been to Spain I wasn't upset by that fact. Anyhoo - the food was delicious. We ordered a variety of interesting dishes including a roasted red pepper and shrimp pizza, a quesadilla stuffed with a mixture of creamy cheeses, salami, olive tapinade and pepperchinis, BBQ chicken mini-sandwiches, S.W. shrimp with whipped potatoes and cilantro olive oil and salmon with asparagus. Everything is served in small appetizer/bite-size servings for 4 so you can try a bunch of things and not get over stuffed. It was fun and yummy!

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