Tuesday, January 26, 2010

School Days

Michael and I both started spring semester at school and haven't been up to much else. Hopefully we will do something photo worthy soon so I can post something.

We went to a Kings game a few weeks ago but the photos didn't turn out - they were fuzzy. It was so fun! We walked right by Gavin Maloof (he's not so tall). And ex-Giant's coach Dusty Baker was attending the game. We stood right by him pregame while watching the players warm up. The Kings were ahead for most of the game but lost it in the end.

Mike and I both have new(ish) callings. He is 1st counselor in the YM program and I'm 1st counselor in the YW program. We have New Beginnings tomorrow night for the girls and Campouts galore for the boys coming up.

We have signed up to volunteer for Habitat For Humanity and will be doing housing construction on March 6th. What do we get for our troubles, you ask? A warm fuzzy feeling for helping out our community and we each get a free one-day Disneyland ticket!!

We haven't been on a real vacation (by "real" I mean where you aren't traveling specifically to visit family) for more than 2 days in almost 8 years. We hope someday to be able to go to a bona fide, tropical vacation spot and lay on the beach for a week. Hopefully before we get to old to enjoy a beach vacation.

That's All Folks!

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Breeana said...

You're both 1st counselors, huh for YM and YW, huh? Are you liking it?? I remember going to New Beginnings... :)

And YAY for Disneyland tickets!!!!! I'd call that a bona fide vacation! ;)