Friday, January 8, 2010

Over the Hill??

On the day before my actual 30th birthday my sweet husband offered to take me out to lunch (Qdoba!) and to the movies (New Moon). We spent the afternoon in Turlock and had a great time together. On the way home he had to drop off some YM stuff at the bishop's house. I was tired and my hair was all messed up from the wind and rain and, let's face it, I was STUBBORN so when Mike asked me to go with him into the bishop's house I didn't really want to go. But after him telling me that he was the patriarch of the home (ha! just kidding - but he did ask me to go over and over) and I need to go with him into the house with him I finally, reluctantly agreed. When we got inside the bishop's sweet wife answered the door and said she thought her husband was upstairs (upstairs? I came all the way out of car and he's not even downstairs? :) So we went to wait in the family room which - SURPRISE!! had friends in family in it. (I have the worst surprise face of anyone I know - I just can't seem to "match the corresponding face with the corresponding emotion" - that was for all you French Kiss fans out there).

Apparently Michael had been planning this party since November! Am I a lucky girl or what? I am!! I really had no clue.  I had actually said during lunch that I didn't really need a party but I felt kind of sad that we hadn't planned one.  (Major brownie points on this one Mikey) Anyhoo - talked, played a game of who knows Amber best, had delicious chocolate cake with raspberry filling and I had a great time. My cousin and her family came down for the party and stayed the night - it was so nice to have her there. Thank you to all who made it such a special day...the day I turned half-way-to-sixty. :) We forgot the camera so we have no pics of the surprise party festivities but we do have pics from the family party the day after.
On my actual birthday, Sunday, we switched times at church from 9am to 11am so we got to sleep in a little.  It was bliss!  Then Michael made me a s'mores cake (don't know why the french onion dip is on the table next to the cake).
After church we had a BIG dinner of spaghetti, chicken and salad and then we lit the cake.

Braylon helped me blow out the candles.  Such a nice boy to help an old lady with her candles :)
Thank you to all the well wishers and especially to my dear Michael who planned and schemed for more than a month to help me feel special on my birthday.  You are the BEST!


Sharee and Arthur said...

AMBER!!!! We emailed a birthday video to Mikey's super secret email account--I know it was too late to make the cut, but I still hope you get to see it. We love you and miss you and wish you the best year of your life so far!!!

Kathy Garcia said...