Friday, January 8, 2010

A Blue Moon New Year

We welcomed in the new year over three nights this year. Why try to cram all the fun into one night?
On the day before New Year's Eve Michael and I spent time with our friends the Ricks.  Here are the men enjoying the spread - they had everything and anything to eat.   Deanna even made delicious s'mores cupcakes.
We learned a NEW GAME!  It is a card game called "BANG!"  You have a sheriff (happened to be Mikey on our first go-round), deputies, renegades and outlaws and you battle each other old-west-style with the cards in your hand.  It was excellent!
We also played rock band for a while.  Mike was amazing - he could hit all the right notes and put on a show.
The girls formed their own band with me on lead vocals (yipes!), Deanna on lead guitar, Kim on drums (she was actually pretty outstanding on them - the girl has got the beat!) and Katherine on bass guitar.  

On NEW YEARS EVE proper we went out with our good friend Kim, her hubby and Julie for Kim's 30th birthday.  She choose Cool Hand Luke's a steakhouse in Riverbank.  We had never been their before but found it very tasty.  Because of the holiday their was about a 2 hour wait but that was just fine with us...
it gave us more time to have the guys take our picture :)
Kim is such a sweet person.  She is a wonderful friend to all she knows and really takes the time to look for ways to make people's lives better.  She and her husband are excellent member missionaries and we are always impressed with their boldness.
Kim with her b-day ice cream sundae.  After dinner we watched the movie "Forget Paris" with Billy Crystal and made it home just in time for Michael to play Auld Lang Syne on his trumpet for the neighborhood.  I love when he does that and so do the neighbors!
We also spent a few minutes looking at the blue moon (second full moon within a month) that happened to land on New Year's Eve.  The last time that happened was waaaay back in 1990.

We look forward to this new year with great anticipation.  We hope it will bring joy and many wonderful opportunities for us, our family and our country. (This is the part where you place your hand over your heart and shed a tear.)

Happy New Year!

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