Tuesday, December 8, 2009

On Our Way to the Land of Enchantment

So this post is mostly so Mike and I can remember where we stayed in AZ (the good hotel)...

Snow in Flagstaff

The lovely Econolodge in "Old Town" Williams, AZ

We LOVED this hotel. The rooms were charming and the smoking rooms were in a whole different wing of the hotel so we didn't even have to deal with second hand smoke - so much to ask for outside of Cali.

Price of the room included a make-your-own Belgian waffle continental breakfast but just in case you wanted something more protein based a Steakhouse was just across the street.

We always know we are getting close to the border when we start seeing all the beautiful striated plateaus. It is not very green in AZ and NM (like my beloved Florida) but it does have it's own kind of beauty. We had so much fun on our 15 hour road trip. We sang, we laughed (so hard that I couldn't catch my breath), we had way too much drive-thru food and we got to spend time with family that we love. All in all a WONDERFUL, enchanting adventure.


Sharee and Arthur said...

So glad you could come out, and that the journey was enjoyable. We love you!!!

Patriotic Princess said...

Aww, sounds fun, Amber! How are you, by the way!? I miss you and the ward in Modesto - I was sad to leave. I learned a lot from you and am truly thankful that even though we were temporary in the ward, you and everyone else welcomed us with open arms and made us feel like we'd always been members of the ward family. THANKS A MILLION!