Friday, December 18, 2009

An Ode to the Birthday Boy

Always a smiler, even in his sleep

His love for baseball and Funyuns is deep.

It's been said that he looks like his mama,

he laughs at the thought of voting for Obama.

Quick to give kisses, sweet as can be
came as a toddler to the "land of the free."

Important are friends and family to this guy

His dreams are big, he reaches for the sky
Humor plays a part in all he is

When is comes to style - he's the wiz!
Full of love, life and joy
Michael, you are one VERY GOOD Birthday boy!

Happy Birthday!


Larry & Erica Evans said...

Ok, I LOVE all od those pics! I hope he has a FABULOUS Birthday! So sorry we aren't there to celebrate. Have a great one Mikey!!!

Sharee and Arthur said...

Wow, I loved seeing all those old pictures too! I don't think I've ever seen the one of Mikey when he was brand new. Michael, you are such a good person. You are fun to be with and have such a positive outlook that rubs off on others. We just love you to pieces, and hope your birthday is spectacular!!!

From all the Albuquerque Garietys
Arthur, Sharee, Dallin, Daphne, Sean, & Hayden

Kathy Garcia said...

Wow! It was good seeing all those neat pictures! Hope you are having the most wonderful birthday ever!

bjd said...

Happy birthday! Sorry we're late! We sure miss Mr. Mikey, and his great sense of humor. You are one fun guy to be around. We loved all your funny jokes and stories. You have a special gift with the youth at church. You were always there to lend a hand. Hope to see you sometime soon!

Love the Deckers

Jack and Joann said...

Happy Birthday to my Cousin!
Maybe someday we will get to meet each other somewhere. You look a lot like my brother Carl Gariety's son, Tom Gariety of Russia, Ohio. He is a big talker too. LOL!

I liked seeing the photos of Mike's father, Norbert Gariety.