Saturday, December 19, 2009

The "Magic" Birthday

Yesterday was Mikey's "Magic" birthday. Apparently Magic Johnson's # was 32. Everyone else we know seemed to instinctively know this except me. I guess I need to brush up on my basketball history.

Mike's birthday fell on a Friday so while he was at work I baked his cake. It is tradition in my family to bake the birthday boy (or girl) a homemade, from-scratch cake. They choose the cake and frosting and their wish is our command. It is really a labor of love. This year Michael requested a chocolate cake with cheesecake swirls baked into it and cream cheese frosting.

Another Gariety family birthday tradition is "pulling rank."  This means the birthday boy (or girl) can ask for and will get anything they want.  Basically they are royalty for the day.  Among many other things Mikey asked to go see The Blind Side and eat dinner at the new Qdoba in town.

The movie was amazing!  So clean and with such a good message.  It made it even better that it was a true story.  What a good choice!  And we LOVED Qdoba.  It was like a high brow Subway for Burritos.  Michael asked for the "Chef's" recommendation.
He helped the birthday boy build the most amazing burrito with melt-in-your mouth pulled pork in an adobo based bbq sauce with cilantro lime rice, black beans, red onions and cheese.  It was heavenly!  They even wished Mike a happy birthday.

After the movie and dinner we came home for cake, ice cream and presents!
It takes a long time to light 32 candles but many hands make light work :).
Still lighting...
Almost done...
Make a wish!
Apparently lung capacity lessens as one ages.  It took Mike 3 tries to blow out all the candles.
His fave - mint and chip ice cream and his homemade cake.
Lookin' good Mr. Cartal!  Mike modeling his new leather jacket and Tintin book.  He's been hinting at Tintin for months - he loved it as a boy and they are making a movie out of the series soon.
Happy Birthday to you!!!

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Sharee and Arthur said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Wow, Mike, that's a LOT of candles on your cake. Hope you had an extinguisher handy. :)