Thursday, December 17, 2009

Holy Matrimony!!

December 17, 1999 Our Wedding Day. It has been ten years of wedded bliss...

Our second kiss as husband and wife.

Mike's dad Norb and his mom Tarhata showin' him some love.

Michael's dad was a professional photographer and took all our pictures as a wedding gift.

Norb, me and my dad. Norb passed away a few years ago at a ripe old age. He was an amazing man who had many adventures in his lifetime and we miss him a lot.

So many (univited :) people wanted to be at our sealing that they had to move us to the largest sealing room in the temple to accommodate everyone. Funny now, not so sure we thought it was funny then :)

Mike and Ray. Ray and Mike. What can I say - they're the best of friends. Ray and his family hold a special place in our hearts.

Mike's trainer from his mission, Keith Fa, came to our wedding! We were so grateful and excited to share this day with him.

My maid of honor Emily. A wonderful girl then and now.

Mike's oldest brother Norb Jr. surprised us at the reception by flying in for our special day. He was afraid he wouldn't make it in time but showed up with plenty of time to share. Since then I have gotten to know he and his wife better and they are AMAZING. We are so lucky to have them in our family.


In mid-December Catalina was warm, sunny and deserted. It was the best place ever! Some nights we were the only people in a restaurant - talk about great service!

Not only was it beautiful, there was lots of fun stuff to do. We took an undersea boat ride, we hiked, we took a guided tour of the island and saw the wild buffalo (that's right - Buffalo!), we collected amazing sea shells, shopped and sun bathed during our week on the island.

We told eachother that every year for our anniversary we would come back to Catalina - but with school and work we have never been able to go back. Someday I hope we will.

Thank-you Michael for 10 wonderful years. You are an exemplary husband and friend who has been their to hold my hand through all the hard times and who still knows how to make me laugh.

And thank-you to all our family and friends who have shared the joy with us along the journey.


Sharee and Arthur said...

Congratulations, guys!!! 10 years is a long time, and I think you guys deserve the cutest couple award. :) Love you!

Andy & Mindy said...

You 2 should be on posters, Amber you were such a beautiful Bride! Mike your a lucky Man I love how you both admire eachother your such wonderful examples of marriage. Thanks for being you, never change! I can't wait to see what the next 10 years brings us all.

Scott and Kim said...

Congratulations you two! You are such a wonderful couple...hope you had a fun anniversary!