Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Family Christmas Dinner

"The holy green, the ivy green, the prettiest picture you've ever seen. It's Christmas at" THE GARIETY'S "with all of the folks at home!"
Michael and I taking our yearly photos by the Christmas tree before the family arrives and the feast begins.

We all hoped Matthew was going to make it out this year for Christmas and since he had mentioned that he didn't really like turkey my dad had stocked up on Tri-Tip (5 of them) and Salmon to grill for our feast. Sadly Matt did not make it out this year but gladly we still got to have a BBQ Christmas.

We also made about 4 dozen rolls, 25 baked potatoes and had a huge salad to go along with it.
Michael took these beauties of the meat - it was such a nice day in California, the perfect BBQ Weather.
After dinner we all (20+ family and friends) sang Christmas carols...
Listened to a reading of the nativity story from gospel of Luke...
Watched "The Nativity" video together...
Opened presents and just had fun talking and laughing.
My dad and Mike lugged the piano into the house (it usually stays in the garage because it is so huge) and Mike played for us while we sang a song or two.
He also played the guitar and a few songs on his trumpet. What can I say? He's a man of many talents!

We were all so excited to have my uncle Jr. with us all the way from Tennessee.
What a blessed and special holiday season this was for us. It could only have been made better if we could have shared it with the rest of our wonderful family. For those of you who weren't with us I hope you know how much we love you and that we think of you often.

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Patriotic Princess said...

Hey Amber - cute tree! Sounds like it was a fun Christmas. :) You look great!