Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Egan Family Fun

The Monday after Michael's birthday we had the opportunity to go to San Francisco and spend the day with Michael's cousin Mick and his family.

We had the best time with them! They are all so pleasant and fun to be with. It was a very foggy and rainy day so all piled in the car and took a drive down the coast to Half Moon Bay.

We stopped and had lunch at little Mexican restaurant by the beach. We ordered lots of different things so they could sample. We had flautas, steak fajitas, shrip tacos, chips & salsa, rice and beans. Our waiter was nice enough to take this snap shot of us.
During our drive back to S.F. we saw this pumpkin patch and pulled over for some photos. Here is Bec, me and Leah. Leah loves to read and we spent a good amount of time talking about all the books we've both read. She's an "Edward" fan just like me :)
Mick and Mikey - they were funny together. At one point Michael was on the wrong side of the street driving (he thought it was one way) and Mick was in the front with him and never even noticed.

The Egan/Gariety clan.

It sounds kind of boring to just take a car trip when you are staying in San Francisco but it was just perfect! It gave us plenty of time to talk and to really get to know eachother.

One of my favorite things was that we stopped at the beach to get a good shot of the Golden Gate Bridge and all of a sudden it just started pouring on us. All of us were running through the rain laughing trying to make it back to the car.

It was a sad moment when we had to leave. We just love Mick, Bec and Leah and enjoyed our visit with them so much!

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