Sunday, September 27, 2009

Beginning of Fall Hodgepodge

The GIANT pumpkin has arrived! Michael and I have a friend who grows giant pumpkins and he brought one over for our fall decorating this year. It is amazing!
Our nephew likes to water the pumpkin.  Mike likes to hide when the boy has the hose.
This is a little backwards in order...Mike and my dad dragging the pumpkin up the lawn.  It weights a few hundred pounds.
It took 3 men to get it out of the truck.
Saturday morning it arrived - lookin' large in the back of the pick-up truck.  We are so excited to have our very first giant pumpkin.  The niece and nephew love it and so do I!  On october 1st our life-size witch and cat are going on the lawn with it.
For last Monday's FHE Michael and I decorated for fall.  it was so much fun to get out the decorations and to think about a time when the weather will be cooler!  It was 100 degree's today!

Last, but certainly not least, our dear friends the Maashoff's had their third baby a few weeks ago.  A little boy.  We visited them at the hospital but forgot the camera.  Here he is in all his sleepy glory.  What a cute boy and what a great addition to their family!  
Well, besides school, work, homework and church callings - that's what we've been up to lately.  I know, I know.  Pretty exciting right?  Ha!  Well hopefully we will be doing something that is truly "blog-worthy" soon :)


Sharee and Arthur said...

We decorated for fall too! But your decorations are far superior. Who can beat a life sized witch and a GIANT pumpkin!?! It looks awesome, guys.

Sharee and Arthur said...

p.s. If you guys ever live out here, you and I will have to go to the apple farm together. For some reason it just isn't that exciting for the guys.

AmyAnn said...

Brooks is SO jealous! He wants a giant pumpkin too! So fun!

Scott and Kim said...

LOve the giant pumpkin Amber! So festive you guys are!