Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Knitting With a Ball of Yarn Always Reminds Me of Nermal.

You know Nermal? From Garfield? She was always batting around a ball of yarn and Garfield always shipped her off to Abu Dhabi? Anyhoo....

This summer I decided to learn how to knit. I took a short course at the community college and it helped a little but what really helped was my friend Mercedes going over all the basics with me again. I started this scarf in July and I do a few rows a week. I'm almost finished! I need about 10 more rows and then I'll add the fringe on both ends. Voila! My first scarf. I'll post completed pics when I'm done :) It's a fun hobby but if I had to make all my clothes out of yarn I'd be in serious trouble.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Beginning of Fall Hodgepodge

The GIANT pumpkin has arrived! Michael and I have a friend who grows giant pumpkins and he brought one over for our fall decorating this year. It is amazing!
Our nephew likes to water the pumpkin.  Mike likes to hide when the boy has the hose.
This is a little backwards in order...Mike and my dad dragging the pumpkin up the lawn.  It weights a few hundred pounds.
It took 3 men to get it out of the truck.
Saturday morning it arrived - lookin' large in the back of the pick-up truck.  We are so excited to have our very first giant pumpkin.  The niece and nephew love it and so do I!  On october 1st our life-size witch and cat are going on the lawn with it.
For last Monday's FHE Michael and I decorated for fall.  it was so much fun to get out the decorations and to think about a time when the weather will be cooler!  It was 100 degree's today!

Last, but certainly not least, our dear friends the Maashoff's had their third baby a few weeks ago.  A little boy.  We visited them at the hospital but forgot the camera.  Here he is in all his sleepy glory.  What a cute boy and what a great addition to their family!  
Well, besides school, work, homework and church callings - that's what we've been up to lately.  I know, I know.  Pretty exciting right?  Ha!  Well hopefully we will be doing something that is truly "blog-worthy" soon :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Way Back Wednesday

Okay - so this picture is sideways (obviously). I can't seem to get it turned the right way but I love it anyway. Just tilt your head to the right and enjoy!

This was taken the September (Labor Day) before Mike and I married.  We went to Santa Cruz with some of our friends and Ray took this pic of us.  Fun times...and I still have (and wear) that sweater :)

Labor Day BBQ (aka Mike's BBQ Heaven)

Monday my dad and Michael went monkey wild with the BBQ. They BBQed a whole chicken, a rack of ribs, 6 steaks, and country style ribs - it smelled so good!

Michael tending to his charge.  He is the most attentive griller I've ever seen and everything always comes out tasting so amazing.  He used an empty soda can filled with soy sauce, spice and water inside the chicken to keep it moist on the grill.  Amazing!

Labor Day Campout

Michael and I went camping for first half of Labor Day weekend. We reserved a spot at Plasse's campground on Silver Lake in the high sierras. We left early Friday morning and took a leisurely drive up to the camp - stopping along the way to splurge on lunch out and to look at as many vista points as we could.
When we arrived we set up camp ...
and headed down to the lake for some kayaking!  It was so FUN (even-though the water was a little choppy due to the stiff breeze).
After that we played a friendly game of scrabble ( I spanked Mikey by over a hundred points.  That never happens!).
And Mike started a fire.  It was great because we were allowed to scavenge for wood so we got to walk all over the forest looking for good wood to burn in the campfire and I found a BBQ grate so we used that to cook with instead of our stove!
Michael makes a mean fire.  He is excellent!  All that scouting really paid off.

The genius at work.
Saturday we drove the 30 some miles to Tahoe and stopped along the way at a creek to check out the fishing situation.  Boy was it windy!!
This was the first camping trip Michael and I have taken alone in almost 10 yrs of marriage.  Usually we are with a big group of friends, ward members or family.  We had so much fun cooking out over the campfire.
Saturday night we made fried potatoes with ground beef and onions, spaghetti, garlic bread, Martinelli's sparkling cider and for dessert s'mores and popcorn!  It was a feast!!
Here are some pics of us paddling around silver lake.  We had so many laughs trying to get the boat to go the direction we wanted it to in all the wind.

There is a huge meadow in the campground and they have a cute little church on a rock there.
On the right, down in the valley is our camp - we were in the forrest loop - just above the meadow.
Thanks Michael for such a fun trip!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Way Back Wednesday

It's that time again...yes Way Back Wednesday is here! Today I wanted to post pictures taken on our first birthdays. I love little Mikey's pudgy cheeks and my whispy mohawk. Hopefully, someday we will be able to have a little boy or girl who gets pudgy cheeks and a mohawk!