Saturday, August 29, 2009

Witchy Woman

Last week I had my very first (and probably last) Partylite Candle Party. It was for the fall/holiday catalog so I thought I would set up some decorations for the party. I had so much fun getting ready. In the end about 20 ladies came over to par-tay. What a fun night for me!

I made this witch (with a little help from our friend and his jig saw)  it is supposed to have a broom in the raised hand but I didn't get a chance to purchase one before the party.  The lantern is solar powered so it flickers when it is dark!  It's amazing the things you can find on Martha Stewart's website.
Mike and I painted the pumpkins on top of the cabinets and I did the candy corn on the t.v. cabinet.
It's hard to see but these are the halloween blocks I made a few weeks ago at the scrapbook night.
And the food - can't have a party without snacks.  Thanks so much for everyone who came over.  What a hoot!

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Sharee and Arthur said...

WOW! That witch is super cute! good job!!!