Thursday, August 6, 2009

No Pics for a While

So my dad is on vacation and asked to borrow our camera so we have been without it for almost a week. Wouldn't you know it that just when I don't have a way to take pictures I could have taken some awesome ones for the blog?  Michael and I went to the county fair on Monday night for FHE and we saw amazing animals, their was a HUGE goose (when I say HUGE I mean it looked like a dog - a big dog!) and we had the most wonderful time visiting all the exhibits.  I also spent a morning this week shucking corn from our stake's garden and freezing it.  I've been knitting and now have half of a pretty long scarf completed.  I made "Cheeseburger Soup" from a Taste of Home recipe a friend gave me and it was AWEOME.  Even Mike liked it and he doesn't really like any kind of soup.  I have the special task of mowing and edging the lawns while my dad is away (since the husband man is working so much right now - love those Almonds!) and I did a pretty great job if I do say so myself and it only took me 4 hours :).  Tonight is men's softball and Michael is getting home early from work - hopefully this unusually cold weather will not bring in rain that stops his games, he looks forward to softball all week.  Also, I went to the Farmer's Market this morning and picked up a few things.  That place is amazing, especially when it is nice and cool out like today.  I actually wore a sweater!!  

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Sharee and Arthur said...

It's cool enough to wear a sweater!!!??? wow. Too bad you didn't have your camera; I'd love to see a picture of that goose. But I can imagine it, I guess. sounds like you guys are having fun! We love you guys!