Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It Makes Me Wanna Wail - MAIL!!

We received a very special package today all the way from Buffalo, NY....
Mike was at work, I was bored and so I took lots of pics of me opening it up.  It was very exciting :)
Happy Summer Grillin' indeed!
This is the BEST BBQ marinade ever!  Keith and Erin had us over last year (before they moved and we all got very depressed ;) and it was amazing!!
Look at this stuff - Mike just got home and reopened the box (I repacked it so he could have the fun of opening it up too) and now we are on our way to the store for something to grill!
THANKS KEITH and ERIN you guys are the best and we miss you so much!  Keep our guest room ready because as soon as we win publishers clearing house we are on our way :)

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Scott and Kim said...

Are you going to share? or just show it off?